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As a Leader, You Are Under Tremendous Pressure

We find ourselves in more uncertain times than ever. Trying to lead a business or team through internal changes and pivots can be disruptive enough. Add in external factors such as pandemic, quarantine, economic downturn, and shifting of customer priorities and you can have a recipe for disaster for meeting your revenue targets, achieving the big outcomes you have defined for this year and keeping morale up.  

Your team is looking to you as both role model and rock amidst the storm. That puts tremendous pressure you at a time when you are barraged by increasing complexity, information overload, uncertainty and change.


And you are not immune to the same fears and stress the rest of your team is affected by. The difference is, you have to lead despite them. In the next 24 months, you will be required to create lasting transformational change within your organization - whether or not you are equipped with the necessary experience or skills to do so.

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Next-Level Leaders Use Crisis as a Catalyst to Thrive

​Historically, every crisis humans have faced have yielded new opportunities for innovation, growth and ultimately prosperity.


The difference between those who seek to bounce back to normal post-upheaval and those who seek to use that upheaval as a catalyst to grow and thrive comes down to mindset and leadership capacities. 

It is possible to use crisis as a catalyst to create more alignment and unity in your team than ever before. To not only help your company and people be more resilient but to foster more innovative thinking, more strategic alignment and a healthier team culture. By doing so you position your organization to take advantage of the opportunities for growth and prosperity that arise in the wake of crisis.

The things that scare us most - the uncertainty, ambiguity, the way that everything seems to be falling apart or constantly shifting - for the anti-fragile leader, this is the very soil from which possibility is born. 

Next-Level Leaders Build Happy, Healthy Cultures

Regardless of the nature of the uncertainty, crisis or change, the one thing that can create sustainability is focusing on building a strong culture embedded at every level of your organization.


By doing so, you create an organization that can withstand the complex situations you face - from strategic pivots to turnarounds to product launches to emerging markets to the effects of pandemic - because your people will stand together. 


How do you create a culture that can live up to that promise?


By becoming the kind of leader that can create and hold a tight container grounded in safety and accountability.  

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Next-Level Leaders Face Their Blindspots

We each have a unique way of perceiving ourselves, others and the world.

It's like a pair of glasses that we wear each day and don't know we are wearing. This lens, or way of being, is usually unseen by us because it feels like it is us - until we remove the glasses. 

Your way of being as a leader informs the way you feel, what you say and do, and how you check for results.

This way of being can either work for you or against you, depending on how aware of it you are.

If you are combatting poor team morale, resistance to change or losing your top people, your way of being as a leader may be working against you.

Next-Level Leaders Become Antifragile

Build new muscles that allow you to:

  • Manage pressure and stress with grace

  • Increase resilience and adaptability

  • Wield power effectively and empathetically

  • Respond decisively and strategically

  • Prioritize happiness and health

  • Master complexity and ambiguity

  • Communicate clearly and confidently

  • Navigate conflict and change with ease

  • See challenge as an opportunity for growth

  • Hold a tight container for your team no matter the circumstances

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Next-Level Leaders Understand What Motivates Their Behavior

With more self-awareness, you understand your reactions, preferences, and how you show up for your team.


You understand what motivates your behavior and you can develop a deeper understanding of what motivates the behavior of those with whom you interact.


By understanding and working with your leadership type, you can get let go of habitual patterns and open up to your own inherent strengths as a leader.

Deeply grounded in psychology, the Enneagram is an elegant system of nine interrelated personality types.


Although we all have the nine types within us, one is most dominant, and with it comes its own set of unique gifts and challenges.

Next-Level Leaders Get Support When They Need It Most
  • Market Changes Driving Radical Shifts in Strategy, Business Model, Systems, Operations, Products, etc.

  • Strategic Alignment to Minimize Risks & Maximize Opportunities During COVID-19

  • Semi/Permanent Transition to Remote Workforce

  • Increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Multi-Phased Downsizing and Reorganization

  • Merge/Acquisition

  • Attracting, Building & Leading High-Performance Teams 

  • Improving Morale, Communication & Connection

  • Positioning Company to Sell or CEO to Retire

  • Leveraging Team to Free Up Owner/CEO

Stone Tower


I coach leaders to THRIVE amidst uncertainty, crisis and change.

Real World Experience + Coaching Expertise 
  • 30+ Years of Hands-on Experience in Business, Leadership and Managing Change

  • 12 Years of Executive, Enterprise & Leadership Coaching

  • MA in Integral Psychology with an emphasis in mindset and behavior change

  • BA's in Communications and Women's Studies

  • Certified Integral Master Coach™

  • Certified Integrative Coach™

  • Enneagram Expert


Let me help you step beyond your current way of thinking, feeling and behaving as a leader and develop a new way of being as a leader that allows for new skills, capacities and mindsets to come online sustainably - substantially changing the way you address your current circumstances.

What Clients Are Saying


Jeremi, Founder & President

I had the privilege of working with Lisa in my first startup. We were in the midst of significant growth (both organically and strategically). Scaling is difficult for most startup founders. Throw in multiple countries, multiple acquisitions, and multiple personalities and the complexity skyrockets. That is especially true if you are trying to curate a special culture. Lisa's counsel and guidance were instrumental in my professional (and personal) success.


Stephanie, Business Owner

Lisa has been an invaluable resource for myself and my team during the past year. I can’t say enough about her endless knowledge, creative strategy and genuine care she brings to each and every session we have. In a relatively short amount of time working with Lisa, I’ve gone from working all of the time, putting out fires and mircomanaging to thinking and planning strategically and creating an agile team that can take the lead while I focus on the business development and having a life outside of business. Plus, we’ve been able to adapt to the COVID-19 Crisis and shift our organization to maximize opportunities.


Because of Lisa, I can find joy and balance in my life again.

Bill Haeck.jpeg

William, COO

I was blessed to have Lisa as a coach during a very chaotic and disruptive time in our company. She was engaged to help improve the dynamics of our executive team and also assist each of us in our maturation as leaders. What I particularly appreciated was how effective she was at learning who I was (at a meaningful depth) and then using those insights to make our sessions incredibly pertinent and effective for me. My time with Lisa was immensely valuable, and I can't recommend her enough for anyone who is looking for a partner and coach to help them navigate through a variety of personal and professional challenges.

The terrain may be new but you don't have to navigate it alone. 

Let's talk.

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