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It's Not Time to Panic, It's Time to Pivot
Concerned about how COVID-19 will affect your organization this year? 
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COVID-19 Strategic Pivot & Alignment
Action Guide  
An in-depth guide to help you get clear on how your organization and team needs to respond to this crisis.

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This is not a “business as usual” moment.

Trying to lead an organization and team through internal changes and pivots can be disruptive enough. Adding in external factors such as recession, pandemic and shifting of customer priorities and buying habits, and you can have a recipe for disaster for meeting your revenue targets and achieving the big outcomes you have defined for this year.  

How do you navigate these complexities and keep your team focused on the right things?


How do you keep morale up when everyone is afraid?


How do you navigate changes in the way you work together and still adhere to your strategic plan?

Whether you lead a team in a larger organization or you own the business, your team will look to you as a role model and as a rock amidst the storm. That puts tremendous pressure on you as a leader. And you are not immune to the same fears and stress your team is affected by. The difference is, you have to lead despite them. 

If you aren’t talking with your team about the effect of current circumstances on your bottom line and strategic plan this year, it’s time. 


Even if the downward spiral is halted in 30 days, there will be a longer effect on the economy and likely on your organization. This is simply reality.


It’s not time to panic, it’s time to plan your pivot.

Free Access to the COVID-19 Strategic Pivot & Alignment 

Action Guide:

  1. Get clear on how current circumstances are likely to affect your organization this year.

  2. Determine the strategic pivots you need to make to minimize risk and maximize resiliency.

  3. Create a revised action plan that you can share with your team and use as a guide for decision-making and to drive alignment.

Leadership Resilience Expert

Coaching expertise coupled with hands-on leadership experience.

Lisa specializes in helping leaders lead effectively during times of uncertainty, crisis, and change and has personally led teams & organizations and coached in the following scenarios:

  • Shift in business model to respond to market and economic changes

  • Multi-phased downsizing

  • Merge/acquisition and post-acquisition culture and team integration 

  • Major infrastructure change initiatives

  • Retiring brands & programs

  • Overhaul of offerings and departments

  • Streamlining operations and expenditures

  • Navigating multiple pivots in a startup environment

  • Transitioning organizations to remote

  • Scaling infrastructure and team for multi-million dollar organizations

  • Scaling startup companies

  • Culture reset from silos & lack of safety to cross-functional collaboration and accountability

  • Establishing cross-functional leadership and departments

  • Navigating loss in trust from customers and employees

  • Relocation


Lisa's business acumen includes: Business & organizational development, product development & delivery, leadership & team development, culture & change management, merger & acquisitions, operations, communications, people & project management, systems architecture, live events management, and sales. 


Lisa's education includes an M.A. in Integral Psychology with an emphasis in mindset and behavior change and a B.A. in Communications. She is an Integral Master Coach™.

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