Leading Teams Through COVID-19
Learn the 7 critical drivers to unify and lead your team out of this crisis.

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Are you prepared to lead your team through multiple pivots and complex change in response to the economic downturn?

"What might matter most [for business survival] is the duration of the economic slide and whether it resembles the aftershock of a natural disaster or a deep cyclical downturn."
- PEW Research Center 
April 23, 2020

Meet Your Host

Lisa L. Frost

Crisis & Change Leadership Coach

Lisa Frost works with CEO's and Executive Leaders who need to drive alignment, collaboration and communication during radical shifts in organization, strategy, business model, systems, operations, products, etc. 


Lisa has 30+ years of hands-on experience in business, leadership and managing complex, transformative change in organizations and 12 years of executive, enterprise & leadership coaching experience. She has an MA in Integral Psychology and is a Certified Integral Master Coach™.

She has direct experience leading and coaching leaders to navigate transformational change: 

  • Shift in business model to respond to market and economic changes

  • Multi-phased downsizing

  • Merge/acquisition and post-acquisition culture and team integration 

  • Major infrastructure change initiatives

  • Retiring brands & programs

  • Overhaul of offerings and departments

  • Streamlining operations and expenditures

  • Multiple pivots in a startup environment

  • Transitioning organizations to 100% remote workforce

  • Scaling infrastructure and team for multi-million dollar organizations

  • Scaling startup companies

  • Culture reset from silos & lack of safety to cross-functional collaboration and accountability

  • Establishing cross-functional leadership and departments

  • Re-establishing trust in marketplace and with employees

  • Relocation

  • Navigating multiple, complex changes due to COVID-19

Join Lisa Frost for a full hour training on strategic leadership through uncertainty, crisis and change and learn how to navigate today's disruptive events and position your business to emerge stronger from COVID-19.

BONUS: COVID-19 Strategic Pivot & Alignment Action Guide:

  1. Get clear on how current circumstances are likely to affect your organization this year.

  2. Determine the strategic pivots you need to make to minimize risk and maximize resiliency.

  3. Create a revised action plan that you can share with your team and use as a guide for decision-making and to drive alignment.

What Lisa will cover during the 60 minute free training

Lisa is a Crisis & Change Leadership Coach who works with CEO's and Executive Leaders. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 she has worked with those leaders to align their teams around the pivots necessary to use this crisis as a catalyst to thrive.

This session takes you on a deep dive into what to expect in the wake of quarantine and what leadership strategies you need to adopt today to protect your business.

In this in-depth training we'll cover:

1. What to expect from your team as you face COVID-19.

2. How to instill confidence and drive alignment on what really matters.

3. How to stay resilient in the face of uncertainty.

4. What support structures are non-negotiable to keep everyone moving forward.

5. How to increase your impact and influence with your team and company.

Learn how to navigate today's disruptive events and position your business to emerge stronger from COVID-19.

This training is for you if: 

1.You need your team aligned around strategic pivots and organizational changes that will help the business respond more agilely.

2. You want to keep team morale up and stay connected during changes in how you work together.


3. You want to build a culture based on connection, collaboration and strong accountability.


4. You are a leader who values personal and professional development.


Access this free training at www.happyhealthyleaders.com/covid19