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Purpose & Philosophy

Happy, Healthy Leaders = Happy, Healthy Organizations

I believe that happy, healthy leaders create happy, healthy organizations and those organizations retain top performers, are more agile and have a human-centric culture that is experienced by clients which equates to better profitability. 

Leaders are under tremendous pressure


Today’s leaders are barraged by increasing complexity, information overload, uncertainty and crisis. They are required, more than ever before, to create lasting transformational change within their organizations- though most are not equipped with the necessary experience or skills to do so.


We find ourselves in more uncertain times than ever. Trying to lead a business or team through internal changes and pivots can be disruptive enough. Adding in external factors such as pandemic, quarantine, economic downturn, and shifting of customer priorities as they navigate their own changes and concerns, and you can have a recipe for disaster for meeting your revenue targets, achieving the big outcomes you have defined for this year and keeping morale up.  


Your team is looking to its top-tier leaders as role models and as rocks amidst the storm. That puts tremendous pressure on those leaders. And those leaders are not immune to the same fears and stress the rest of the team is affected by. The difference is, they have to lead despite them. 


Next level leaders use crisis as a catalyst to thrive

Historically, every crisis humans have faced have yielded new opportunities for innovation, growth and ultimately prosperity. The difference between those who seek to bounce back to normal post-upheaval and those who seek to use that upheaval as a catalyst to grow and thrive comes down to mindset and leadership capacities. 


It is possible to use crisis as a catalyst to create more alignment and unity in your team than ever before. To not only help your company and people be more resilient but to foster more innovative thinking, more strategic alignment and a healthier team culture. By doing so you position your organization to take advantage of the opportunities for growth and prosperity that arise in the wake of crisis.


The things that scare us most - the uncertainty, ambiguity, the way that everything seems to be falling apart or constantly shifting - for the anti-fragile leader, this is the very soil from which possibility is born. 

A strong culture can withstand the storm

Regardless of the nature of the uncertainty, crisis or change, the one thing that can create sustainability is focusing on building a strong culture embedded at every level of the organization. By doing so, you create an organization that can withstand the complex situations you face - from strategic pivots to turnarounds to product launches to emerging markets to the effects of pandemic - because your people will stand together. 


How do you create a culture that can live up to that promise? By attending to the personal and professional development of its top leaders. 

My purpose is to help leaders become better leaders 

My sophisticated approach is to help you step beyond your current way of thinking, feeling and behaving as a leader and develop a new way of being as a leader that allows for new skills, capacities and mindsets to come online sustainably. This new way of being emerges out of exactly what you need at this current stage of your own development. By attending to the deep developmental needs of key individuals, the health of the company is served and a new way of being as an organization emerges as well.


This is the future of “leadership development,” where the emphasis shifts from “leadership” – tips, tools and generic ideas – to “development” – where the evolution of the inner life of leaders is the most precious, inexhaustible and adaptable source of long-term competitive differentiation available to an organization.

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